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12122000 Master 5 Power Saw
Major Features & Benefits
Exclusive function, controllable cost
Brushless Motor Technology providesincreased torque for a faster and more efficient cut
High battery capacity & low temperature rise
Ergonomic design enhancements that make it lighter, safer and easier to use
Professional R&D team, International top product quality, providing optimum performance
Batteries, saw blades, attachments & sterilization case are compatible with System 6
Various drilling, reaming attachments & collets, accommodate instruments of different companies.
1.Sterilize temperature ≤ 135 °C (Improved type ≤ 155 °C ), if the temperature is over 135 °C , the motor will be damaged.
2.The battery need to be get out of the power tool after surgery. Otherwise the small automatic discharge of the electric will make the life of the battery short.